Axel Mason

19 years old, could look a bit older. Crew cut and with a short well maintained beard and mustache. Usually wears jeans, combat boots and hoody with a cap on his head. Has tendencies to either 1000 yard stares or psychotic glimpses in the eyes.


Axel has always had it rough. His father is quite insane. He is both a drunk, hooked on moonshine, and a paranoid doomsday prepper. Axel grew up on the outskirts of Wood, South Dakota on his family’s land, a decent sized bit of praerie and a little bit of brushe and trees. On the property theres a shack, that the family seem to live in. Thats not the case however, as those that know the Masons, they actually live in three shipping containers dug into the ground beneath the cabin, one for Axels father, one for his sister and one for himself.

At the age of 16, Axel signed up to join the US Marine Corps. It was his father that had forced the sign up, but Axel didn’t mind. The old man was getting abusive and the drunkedness was picking up, so it was a way to get away, to become a man. Axel was sent off on a tour of Afghanistan, and when he got home, he was somewhat shook up. He was honorably discharged from service and enrolled in the reserves, and then he went home to Wood…

He wasn’t home for long, before the interesting bits start to creep up on him and his friends… and now he has taken up the vigil.

Axel Mason

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