Kirsten Gavins

19 year old girl, curly brown hair, athletic build, and with determination burning in her eyes.


Kirsten had it rough in her teens. Mostly abandoned by her family and left to her own, she learned that being a girl counted for very little in the Gavins family. Her older brothers was the pride of the family, and no one cared about Kirsten. Even as her brothers turned to crime, and went to jail, Kirsten was ignored. No one cared for her achievements. Kirsten turned to god and decided to show them all.

A defining moment happened a few years later. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, with bad friends. Kirsten was a victim of rape, at a party with some friends. Learning that her family didn’t really care, the police shrugged, and file the case mad her at first mad. Finding out that her brothers still partied with the offender made her despair, and her world collapsed.

Kirsten left town, and tried to start a new life on her own away from the horrors of woods. She is slowly gaining her feet in a dark world where terror lurk in the shadows, and has now returned to Wood to face her fears, and pay back the monsters that pray on young girls.

Kirsten Gavins

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