• Axel Mason

    Axel Mason

    19 years old, could look a bit older. Crew cut and with a short well maintained beard and mustache. Usually wears jeans, combat boots and hoody with a cap on his head. Has tendencies to either 1000 yard stares or psychotic glimpses in the eyes.
  • Daniel Whitefeather

    Daniel Whitefeather

    17 years old, wellspoken, handsome Lakota indian. Outgoing and friendly to most. A good shot
  • Kirsten Gavins

    Kirsten Gavins

    19 year old girl, curly brown hair, athletic build, and with determination burning in her eyes.
  • Stephanie "Steph" Thompson

    Stephanie "Steph" Thompson

    22 years old woman, shoulderchestnut-brown hair, green eyes, normal build, academic