A group of friends meet after being apart for a year: Frank, 18 yo. biker prospect; Axel, 19 yo. marine survivalist; Joe, 19 yo. bouncer redneck; Daniel, 17 yo. Indian delinquent; Kirsten, 19 yo. electrician’s apprentice; Rachel, 18 yo. pre-med academic; and Irene, 17 yo. just-out-of-high-school slut redhead. The party at their old hang-out, Parkin’s farm, is interrupted by the sound of shots and growling. They investigate the sounds and find the village recluse, Ben Oaktree, in a battle with a huge but unidentifiable creature.

Ben asks to be taken to the medicine man on the reservation instead of to the hospital, and the friends take him there. At Greengrass’ place they experience a strange mixture of modern medicine and ancient native rituals get Ben somewhat back together. He is still to weak to be hunting monsters, though, so he charges the group with finding the creature that did it – supposedly a werewolf – and kill it.


Armed and ready the group goes werewolf hunting without actually believing that it is an actual werewolf, they are hunting. They follow its tracks back to Joe’s uncles farm, only to find that the uncle, Joes guardian Bill Corey, is missing. With a bit of help from Ben they locate the creature’s lair, and all doubt of the validity of the whole werewolf claim vanishes as they enter the cave and stand face to face with the beast. A raging battle ensues, and the werewolf is killed. Thoroughly. In the cave the group find the remains of the now deceased Bill Corey as well as a living but slightly catatonic child. The girl turns out to be Jessica Rabbit, a 10 yo. who has been missing from the reservation for four days. She is brought back to her parents, who are overjoyed to see their little girl safe.

Impressed with their skills and determination, Ben invites the group to start the Vigil. Under his training they will become a shield against the things that go bump in the night. The friends, having already had a glimpse of this world of darkness accept and start their training.

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